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2009 Awards

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Presented at the VC167 Christmas dinner 2009 at Lime House Restaurant, York Sat 5th December.

Thanks to David Atkinson for organisation.

The Year


We had an extremely successful awards evening at the AUK dinner last week.

Team Award total of 1637(1061) top six counting total was 686 (493) which would have brought VC167 the 3rd position in total club points ACF totals were 1334 top 6 388 Willsden were 652 567 ; Andrew Southworth Chris Crossland The two Shauns Ian Hellawell and just sneaking in ….that “audax legend”. Bob Johnson.

Easter Arrow award 1st VC167 2nd VC167 4th VC167 5th VC167 and we had John Radford making up 1/3 of 6th team

First Junior Award Shaun Gregory 116

Altitude Award Simon Roberts with 132.5 points. I have the AUK momenteo with me does anyone live near enough to deliver it ?

Summer Arrow 2nd & 3rd VC167 – note top team Cardiff did less distance than the Easter arrow team.

Individual points Andrew Southworth was 2nd 142 points with Chris Crossland 4th just one point behind 3rd spot.

Veteran Award Chris Crossland 2nd with 128 point actually had more points than the winner but missed out on top spot by riding too many perms in he last month.

Ann Benton was joint 3rd in the Ladies veteran points list.

For the first time AUK decided to present the Brevet 25000 badges at the dinner so as befits the top club of the 4 badges presented 3 went to VC167; Chris Crossland, Andy Clarkeson and Bob Johnson. Bob’s being the first ever issued for 3 brevets 25000.

We had the Tandem Champions last year and I would like to present the AUK’s momenteos to Jutta and Theo.

A little story from after the AUK AGM dinner. The patron of Auk Dave Duffield and he told a story (which some of us had heard before) about the sleeve photograph for the Queen LP which featured 50 naked ladies riding away from the camera it always goes down well, but VC167 could top it and it was bested by Denise Noah, one of our new recruits, with the story of her shower adventures on LEL. Trust VC167 to be the best.

Club Tropies

Awarded by the three wise men, two of whom cannot unfortunately be here, from nominations from the membership.

David Saint Memorial Trophy Andrew Southworth 142 points

For newcomers should explain that David Saint was a member who was riding Hell of the North in 1996 when he was involved in a road accident & subsequently died. The club instigated the Trophy in his memory the following year and it was awarded at the VC167 10 mile which the club used to promote. Last awarded for this in 2002 it has now been returned to use for the last few years and maintaining the spirit of competition it is awarded to the VC167 rider gaining the most AUK points during the year.

Merit Cup Ann Benton

Our trophy was new a couple of years ago and it is presented to the VC167 member who has achieved an outstanding performance during the year). I didn’t mention it earlier but Ann scooped the AUK ladies merit award for her ride in LEL and our wise men thought the same. So in recognition of being the least young lady ever to have ridden LEL the award is made to Ann Benton.

Clubman of the Year Bob Johnson

Always a good number of nominations reflecting the efforts members put into the running of the club.

The top nominations included Gordon for his work on the arrows and in membership recruitment Nigel for his work on the website and in event organisation.

This year it is Bob Johnson for his captaincy of the Arrow teams over the years, his ever presence in the Audax team championship and particularly this year as his role as a instigator of the Bernard Mawson memorial rides which VC167 rode this year. Bob Johnson is a worthy winner of the Clubman of the year shield though I’m not going to give it to him unless he promises to carry it round with him on every ride.

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