VC167 on the Web.

There are many ways you can now connect with the VC167 when out and about on a ride. This website will always be here of course, but this is a fairly static home in a dynamic Web, so this post explores where else our members can catch up on their fellow members’ activities.

We have a private Facebook group here: . You’ll need to be verified for access to this group as it’s closed to everyone except our members. We also have a public Welcome to VC167 group on Facebook here: . This is a group run by members specifically to welcome new members into the club, and as such, is open to all Facebook users.

We’ve recently created a new Google Group which offers members much the same functionality as Facebook, without the need for a Facebook account. If you’re a member of the club, you’ll have received an invite to the group.

More speculative references to VC167 can be found on other platforms. Try giving #vc167 a search on both Twitter and Instagram. We don’t promise the most recent and relevant content on these streams – they’re much more context sensitive that the more static platforms, so you can expect to see more content on Twitter and Instagram in the UK summer months, and when key events such as PBP and LEL are taking place.

Some of our members also have their own blogs online, and you can catch up with them here:

We’re continually evolving how VC167 is viewed on the Web. It’s entirely up to you how much you wish to engage with that – all of this is optional; there’s nothing better than just riding your bike without any kind of real-world encumbrance, we totally get that. Equally, others love to keep the world informed of their exploits, and there’s plenty of folks ready to read it.

Club Clothing

The blue and yellow VC167 club kit is strikingly visible on the road with the contrast between the light and dark with the diagonal pattern. Club members are encouraged to wear their kit with a smile whenever we’re out together, or riding an event as a VC167 member – this is why so many VC167 jerseys can be seen on Audax events.

In Spring of 2019 we switched to Santini as a club clothing provider, but keeping the same classic design:

  • Women’s & Men’s Race Jersey
  • Women’s and Men’s Relaxed Fit Jersey
  • Unisex Lightweight Gilet
  • Cotton Cap

Members can order new club clothing by contacting the clothing secretary directly. We also regularly place large orders to benefit from discounted prices at Santini.

Contact the VC167

The internet is all well and good for sharing background information like this, but really the best way to meet us is by taking part in a long distance cycling event and saying “hello” personally. A sure-fire way to do this is to come along to one of the many long distance events we organise under the banner of Audax UK. These are public events and will give you an opportunity to take part in some wonderful long distance cycling in good company. More here.

You’ll also find VC167 members in their distinctive yellow and blue jerseys riding on almost any northern audax. Sometimes we even venture south and ride in the sunshine too.

If you don’t fancy long distance, but still fancy the camaraderie of a social group ride every week then you’ll be wanting to find out where our weekly evening and weekend rides are. Facebook is the best way to connect with that as all our social interaction, photo-sharing, and local events get organised through that platform.