Join the most successful Audax club in the north of England

Are you interested in long distance cycling and audaxing in the United Kingdom? Would you like to be part of the north of England’s most successful Audax club? Use the contact form to get in touch.

VC167 on a Northeast Audax

“The VC167” was formed in 1993, and is officially known as VeloClub 167. It’s six founder members had a vision that like-minded cyclists in the Darlington and Aycliffe area could meet to ride together. Regularly meeting along the A167, it seemed appropriate to name the club VC167. Since then we’ve grown to over 180 members; men and women of all ages who support each other with advice and encouragement on long distance rides all over the world. Our membership is spread over the whole of the UK. Members of VC167 feel a sense of deep camaraderie with each other, formed from long miles on the road, so even if we move away from our north-eastern roots, we remain proud to be called VC167.

The benefits of joining VC167 are:

  • Many years of audaxing experience to share
  • Camaraderie on events
  • Support on preparation for major events like Paris Brest Paris
  • Dozens of organised Audax events
  • Help with DIY and Extended Calendar events
  • Friends interested in creating “Arrow” teams and “Group Permanents”
VC167 leaving an Audax in the East Riding of Yorkshire